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*release emotional baggage*

*connect to intuition*

*manage your mind*

transform everything


Don’t Believe You Can Have What You Want In Your Life?


Thousands of years of Patriarchy has conditioned us to continuously look outside of ourselves for guidance.
I help women stop depending on others for their own answers and return to Sovereignty in all areas from business/career to love/relationships, health/wealth.
Everything you need is already within you … you just forgot!
I’ll be your guide as you re-learn the practice of tuning in and trusting your higher self, so you can create everything you want from a place of wholeness and knowing (from the soul level), instead of making decisions based on conditioning.
I wondered if it would be right for me and if I'd get anything out of it, if I'd hear anything new. I was so happy that I DID get so much out and although I had some familiarity with the methods, there's nothing like actually going through the steps of these exercises and even MORE SO with the support of such a motivational, positive, supportive and experienced coach.
~ Lubna T.
My first session with Megan really lit a fire under me. I woke up the next day and said “Screw it! I’m not going to have this defeated attitude anymore.” I know I can do this. I just needed to hear from someone on the outside that I don’t need to accept less. I’m already seeing things coming at me differently. I have a better attitude and I am taking action. No time like the present to get started!
~ Thia F.
Megan is a joy to work with. She is truly a partner on this journey. She listens and understands and guides you through the program and works at your pace as you go through the steps. She is very insightful and sees how the program can work for you in your unique situation. And, she is kind and patient and someone you'd want to be friends with outside of the program. This program helps us not only honor others as to their own "manuals" but also to honor ourselves, which is the root cause of a lot of my own issues.
~ Whitney B.
I started working with Megan in the midst of a transitional period where I felt stuck, like a brick. Feet in concrete stuck. Megan worked with me to feel my emotions that I didn't want to feel, see the value and beauty in them, and take action (slowly - not like a rocket like I used to) to make impactful change. I highly suggest working with Megan if you're ready for "what's next," if you're wanting to grow outside of your comfort zone with a coach who's by your side helping you breakthrough the fear and frustration.
~ Crystal G.
After one initial meeting with Megan I was able to find the clarity, vision, and purpose to my ideas and begin moving forward with developing an action plan to put these thoughts into motion. Megan helped me begin to tackle my fears, see myself and path clearly, and realize that I was the only thing holding myself back and it was time to chase my dreams.
~ Erin G.
Megan’s approach is simple and straightforward. It can be uncomfortable to confront your stuff, and she made it feel simple and relaxed. She is incredibly supportive and empathic, and also very real and down to earth and has a good sense of humor. It wasn’t easy confronting some of my old stories, and Megan helped me recognize some of the habits that I get stuck in when I’m struggling that only make things worse.
~ Sarah L.
I appreciate how Megan always meets me where I am, whether that is super emotional, or not feeling it today, or whether or not I have done my homework. Honestly, I was afraid that nothing really would change and that I would have wasted a lot of money on something selfish. This did not come true. I think the act of investment made me take it seriously. Now I am so much more aware of how my thoughts dictate my moods and feelings and that I can change my thoughts about anything I want. Becoming more aware of the fact that half of life is going to be a bummer and being ok about that has been pretty transformative. I think before whenever I was feeling shitty, I either tried to change the feeling immediately or felt martyr-y about my unbearable load. Now I know that I can decide to let it go, and that has changed everything.
~ Jenny J.

So what's holding YOU back?

So many high-achieving, ambitious, professional women have checked nearly all the boxes of “success” and still feel a deep sense of lack, scarcity and disconnection.

My clients go from running on an endless hamster wheel of DOING DOING DOING, to finding peace, compassion, joy and love in BEING themselves. 

Helping women let go of this narrative of “not good enough” to creating a future they always dreamed about but stopped believing was attainable is the best job in the world!

We start by reconnecting to intuition and using it as the compass for making ALL decisions. From there, we’ll use thought work and mindset tools to manage the mind, and keep it from derailing your progress toward your deepest desires.

Are you ready to transform everything?

Let’s DO this!