Yes, you CAN have it all!

Hey There, LOVELY!

My name is Megan (rhymes with ‘vegan’) Arneson. I’m 40-something, single, child-free, and LOVING my life. But please believe me when I tell you this was NOT the goal. After years of introspection, therapy and coaching, I can now point to the exact reasons I am where I am, but instead of beating myself up, I’m at peace with all of them.

I am creating everything I want now ... the "whole package" if you will. And, I didn't have to "settle" to do it.

I’m a certified life coach with an MBA and no time to waste when it comes to helping women get untangled from our stories about why we are where we are and step fully into our power, embracing the sense of freedom and self-worth that we deserve to feel every day, in all areas of our lives.

My purpose is to be an example of what is possible for other women on a journey to sovereignty over all areas of their lives (whether your focus is on business or personal, and whether or not your ultimate goal is to be in a committed partnership – with or without children.)

I work with women just like you who are smart, successful, driven, and who know how to get whatever they want in some areas of their lives, but feel like they’re completely missing the boat in others.

We work 1:1 to help you untangle from your stories (and they are just stories) about your past and why you don’t have what you want and create your future from a place of wholeness and confidence. From that place, you can create ANYTHING you want!”

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Are you ready to let go of the past and create a whole new level of FREEDOM??