2022 is almost here … there’s this thing you’ve been dreaming about creating, something you desire so deeply, but you’re not taking action. 

You’re afraid that if you don’t take action now, another year will pass by and you won’t have done the thing. 

Something’s holding you back. On the surface, it looks like work, family, kids, parents, health, time, money. 

Maybe you think you don’t know how. 

Maybe you’re worried it’ll create too much stress. 

Maybe you feel like you’ve got SO much to do, you don’t know where to start.




Look, I know what it’s like to let “busyness” and “shoulding” get in the way of my dreams and desires. 

But I’ve learned over 20+ years of launching things into the world how to get myself into a place of alignment with my higher self and take action from that place, instead.

And I’ve got something that I want to launch before another year goes by, too! 

It’s time for us BOTH to realize these fiery desires. 



 In the DTDT Mastermind, I’ll give you the full VIP behind-the-scenes tour of my exact process for launching the F*CK the HUSTLE podcast (without ANY hustle!), and YOU will develop your unique process for launching your thing alongside me in real time! 

In 3 months, you’ll either have launched, or have a *very* clear plan for launching your thing. 

You’ll have real-time coaching, accountability, and the power of the group to keep you motivated and inspired, but you’ll also learn the practice of changing your own energy to create that inspiration to act from within.

And when you can take inspired action, you’re in FLOW (the opposite of HUSTLE.)

And that action is so sweet. That action is never tiring. That action is continuously replenishing. 

Action with that kind of energy leverage is the action that shifts entire worlds. 

So if you’re ready to do the thing, and done thinking about doing the thing, then this is your time!!

You’ll come out of this either having launched or being fully ready to launch your thing into the world.


Behind-the-scenes of MY personal launch process/creation of YOURS
  • Connecting to our WHY
  • Understanding HUSTLE vs. FLOW energies
  • Allowing INTUITION to guide all decisions
  • Alignment/Self-Trust/Daily Calibration exercises
  • Planning and Strategy (which look nothing like they used to for me)
  • Celebration of every small WIN (celebration is the FASTEST way to rewire you brain for the creation of new habits according to the latest research out of Stanford Behavior Design Lab)
  • Handling Resistance or Hustle –> Shadow Work/Emotional Release/Embodiment practices
  • Showing up and choosing FUN
  • Making Offers and broadcasting our TRUTH
Group Coaching and Creation Container (logistics)
  • Agreements to create a safe space for vulnerability and deep connection
  • 3 months — kicking off December 1, wrapping up end of February with LOTS of space for holidays, travel, and integration between sessions (plus some follow-up in March)
  • 8 live coaching sessions on various days at various times to accommodate different schedules and time zones (all will be recorded so you can go back anytime!)
  • Daily ongoing real-time coaching and peer support in Voxer for the entire 3 months
Other Stuff to Note
  • Taking a page from my WomanSpeak work, it’s HIGHLY likely there will be dancing!
  • Several breathwork and emotional release sessions will be added to the schedule after we’ve officially kicked off
  • A bonus WomanSpeak intensive will be scheduled for a weekend near the end so that you can create safety in your body around being seen and heard and practice broadcasting your truth about your thing as you prepare to launch it into the world!

No more excuses to cover up the fear. Just fiery desires realized.


*** For those who apply and are accepted NOW, you’ll receive immediate access to Voxer with me for daily coaching and inspiration, and a weekly bonus 1:1 call to begin focusing your energy. The earlier you apply and are accepted, the more time you’ll have with me. ***



I’m a doer. A creator, a mover and a shaker. But most of my life that creation has come from a place of “shoulding” and scarcity. Thinking I needed to do something (from a very mind-y, ego place)  instead of being moved to do it from my higher self. And sure, those energies have been mixed the whole time, but I didn’t know the difference. I was just going about my life “making shit happen” because that’s what I thought I was supposed to do and people told me I was good at it. 

I’ve launched many “things” into the atmosphere. From an after-school dance program for kindergartners when I was 9. To a student-owned and run co-working space in grad school. I’ve helped launch a German Bierhaus and a community MakerSpace. I’ve created at least 5 businesses in which I was the owner or a partner and served as a consultant and advisor to hundreds of others. 

But it wasn’t until the past 2 years as I went WAY deeper into my spiritual awakening that I started to understand energy and that the creative power and desire that bubbles up in me from a soul level is so different and SO much more juicy and fun if I can get still enough to feel it at first. And it was from this place that the concept of F*CK the HUSTLE was born. 

Having launched some new programs recently, I’ve done it from a very different place than I did in the past and I’ve learned so much. In fact, I’ve learned to create without hustle energy. And the experience has been so profound, that I can’t not share it. So here we are. 

I’m Doing The Damn Thing regardless. But I’d LOVE for you to join me and learn how to do YOUR thing from a place of consistent flow alongside me. You in?



I want to be really clear, this is not just about the accomplishment of the thing.

Typically, we put all the emphasis on the doing. That’s our Patriarchal conditioning at work. But despite the title, that’s not the central focus here.

What’s more important is WHO you’re BEING while you’re doing.

This is about you stepping into the future version of you.

Making a complete transformation, knowing the value of who you are at your core, and feeling confident in your ability to create something beautiful to share with the world.



Q’s? The fastest way to get a direct response is to DM me on IG: @meganlynnarneson


For the next 3 weeks, we’re gonna be clarifying intentions, taking “shots” of inspiration, getting our dance on, and calibrating our energy to the things we want to create.


Even if you’re not super clear on what your “thing” is, come join the Party and feel for yourself what this is all about!


Join us in the Free Facebook pop-up group (Nov 10-Dec 1) and start getting your FLOW on!