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6 WEEKS of LIVE Small Group Coaching (10 women max) via Video

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How much does the course cost?
$399 for six weeks. That breaks down to $66.50/week — which is WAY cheaper than
therapy — and it’s an investment that will pay you dividends for the rest of
your life because you’ll walk away with tools to manage the results you get
from here on out (and BTW, 99.9% of therapists aren’t gonna teach you this.)

How many women will be in it?
Minimum 4, Max 10. I want everyone to have the opportunity to get personalized
attention and the only way to do that is to keep the group small. It’s a safe
space where you can bring anything!

How does live group coaching work on video?
We’ll be in a video chat room where we can all see each other. I’ll spend the
first chunk of time doing a little bit of teaching the concepts, then I’ll
coach up to 3 people live per session. I’ve found video coaching where I’ve
been the client to be SO powerful because I can always find some of myself in
the stories that other people tell. In fact, I’ve had some of my MOST profound
breakthroughs listening to other women get coached, where they offer a
perspective that I wouldn’t have thought of on my own. Over the course of the 6
weeks, everyone who wants live coaching will get it, and probably more than
What if I have to miss a week?
Well, we’ll miss your gorgeous face, but each session will be recorded, so you
can go back and watch the replay any time. This is also great for those who get
coached live because sometimes when you’re so caught up in your story, you
forget the coaching. So it’s amazing to be able to go back and watch yourself!
Will there be homework?
I don’t believe in passive learning, so yes, there might be short videos,
audios or reading to introduce the topics each week before we meet. And you’ll
have journaling assignments, or worksheets to complete that will help cement
your learning after. Of course, you can show up not having done the
assignments, but you will get SO MUCH more out of it if you treat this like a
serious commitment to yourself and DO THEM!
What else will I be expected to do?
Just show up with a beginner’s mind. Be curious. Be open. Be ready to get
pushed out of your comfort zone (because that is the only place that growth
What happens if I don’t sign up for this round?
I don’t know what to tell you, aside from the fact that I have no immediate plans
to do this again, and if I did, the price would be at least double. I’m always
offering 1:1 coaching for the client who is TRULY ready to go all in on
herself, and you can set up a free consultation call for that on my website
anytime you like. Meanwhile, I give away tons of free coaching in email,
on Instagram and on Facebook!
Hit me up at hey@meganarneson.com and we’ll set up a time to chat one-on-one.