90 min for $90


You can DO THIS!

In a 90-minute DEEP DIVE session, we can go DEEP on whatever you want. 

I’ll teach you the basics of the foundational Self Coaching Model (CTFAR) and how to use it in your daily practice to manage your brain and take back control of your time, your emotions, and the RESULTS you are getting in your life and business.

It’s a minimum investment in YOU. And you’re 100% worth it!

BTW: This is NOT my normal rate. But I thought it would be super fun to do a BUNCH of deep dives over the next couple of months and see what the Think Like a CEO audience can produce with a  little extra boost!  

If you’re ready to:

➵ Define or Refine your Purpose Statement

➵ Get into an Abundance Mindset!

➵ Get out of NICHE Drama!

➵ Feel MORE confident/get unstuck

➵ INVEST a little time and money in YOURSELF to make it happen, THEN …

Click HERE to schedule a 90-minute deep dive call, where I can walk you through exactly where you’re getting stuck and how to create a plan for getting what you really really really really want! Yes, 4 really’s … feel free to ask me why on our call 😉

OH … you’re still reading. Did you want MORE?

ROADMAP 360 is Available HERE


In 3 x 60 minute sessions we’ll give your business the little kick in the pants it needs, and build a solid ROADMAP to your ultimate goals. 

➵  If you’re feeling like a HOT MESS for getting to the end of 2019 NOT having met your goals …

➵  If you’re committed to taking your business to the next level in 2020, but you’re not sure where to start …

➵  If you’re feeling WAY behind …

Then let’s build a ROADMAP together!

 No more overwhelm. No more guessing. It’s time to build a roadmap that works for YOU!

3×60 min for $360

BTW: This is NOT my normal rate. But I thought it would be super fun to really help as many business owners as possible finish the year STRONG and blast into 2020 knowing you’re in the driver’s seat and with total confidence in exactly what you need to do to get where you’re going.