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6-week WomanSpeak


Who will you be at the end of 6-weeks?

A confident spokeswoman for the change you want to see in the world

A woman who easily enrolls people in her vision to garner support to bring it to life

A compelling and memorable story teller!

An authentic, moving and inspiring speaker

A powerful communicator in your community or industry


What will we cover together?

WEEK 1: The Heroine’s Journey

WEEK 2: The ART of the Authentic Ask

WEEK 3: How To Give a How-To Talk

WEEK 4: The ART of Speaking Spontaneously

WEEK 5: How To Enroll  People in Your Vision

WEEK 6: The ART of the Toast!

Let's DO this!

Your Investment: $1000

(see below for details about the referral program)

TUESDAYS 4:00-6:30pm Pacific

SEP 21 – OCT 26

THURSDAYS 12:00-2:30pm Pacific

SEP 23 – OCT 28

Got Q's?
Want Answers?

Email me: hey (at)

Or DM me on IG: @meganlynnarneson

I’ll be happy to set up a quick 1:1 chat with you if needed!

Add the VIP Coaching Package?

In addition to the 6-week group program, you’ll receive:

1 x 90min 1:1 Guided Inner Voice session

2 x 45min 1:1 Executive Coaching sessions


$600 (an $800 value)

TUESDAYS 4:00-6:30pm Pacific

SEP 21 – OCT 26

(coaching will be scheduled separately)

THURSDAYS 12:00-2:30pm Pacific

SEP 23 – OCT 28

(coaching will be scheduled separately)

Don’t Forget About the 


I want to PAY YOU to help me spread this WomanSpeak work to as many women as possible!

What does that look like??

Well, for anyone you refer who enrolls, I will pay you $200 at the end of the program (EVEN if YOU don’t enroll).

They just need to send me an email indicating that you referred them, and then you send an email to me to confirm. I’ll have you fill out some tax paperwork (yes, we’re keeping this all above board.) And then you’d get paid the last week in October.

What this really means is that if you refer 5 people, you get reimbursed the *entire* cost of your program!


Not quite ready for a 6-week WomanSpeak Circle, 

but wanna be informed of what’s coming next?