this is 


Just Direct Messages

from ME to YOU

Version 2

I recently received a very clear message from my Inner Being that it was time to start sharing my journey. 

This — at least for now — is not being broadcasted. It’s just between you and me and anyone you choose to share it with directly. (Please don’t link to it on your public pages … there will come a time, but that time is not yet!)

With love and blessings,



P.S. PRO TIP: I’m not a super fast talker. You might enjoy listening to these at an increased pace. Personally, I’m liking 1.25x, but do as you please!

READY? Let's DO this!

Welcome. Start HERE!

(setting expectations … er, what this IS and what this ISN’T)

Episode 001: 

I’m losing my mind … and why this is a GOOD thing 
(how we got here, definitions, and my story of forgiveness)

Episode 002: 

Processing past trauma in the body
(er, rolling around on the floor moaning and writhing in pain)

Episode 003: 

Why I Don’t Need Psychedelics to Go DEEP
(and a message directly from my Inner Voice to YOU!)

Episode 004: 

Freaking Out About Not Knowing What’s Next
(when things don’t go as planned and it’s OK)

Episode 005: 

Awakening Can Be Lonely AF
(until it’s not)

Episode 006: 

Witnessing Death + Trauma
(Part 1 of 2)

Episode 007: 

Witnessing Death + Trauma
(Part 2 of 2)

Episode 008: 

(coming soon!)

Episode 009: 

The Princess + The Pea
(coming soon!)

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