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Where Women learn the art and soul of public speaking

➵ If you’ve ever held yourself back from shining your unique light on the stage, in a meeting, at the dinner table … 

➵ If you’ve felt uncomfortable being in your body, being seen, being heard, or being celebrated …

➵ If you’re done trying to be what other people think you should be …

... Then you've come to the right place!

The ART of Influence is now closed

Stay tuned for a new 12-week circle launching January 2022.


If you’re feeling called to learn more, please join the waitlist below!  

Imagine how powerfully you could hold yourself in 6-weeks …

➵  After spending 1 hr/wk studying curriculum developed by arguably the BEST *women’s* public speaking coach in the US (KC Baker) …

➵  After spending 2 hrs/wk in a safe space with an intimate group of women all dedicated to holding space, dropping ALL sense of competition, and listening for one another’s brilliance … 

➵  After practicing grounding yourself in your body, and learning to RECEIVE celebration and BIG energy from an audience … 

➵  After learning to identify and stand in your truth, tease out your most powerful ideas, and tell an EPIC story??


We’ll DANCE. We’ll LAUGH. We’ll CRY.


And this might just be the most transformational 6 weeks of your life.

This is not just for women who are terrified of speaking publicly. 

This is for ANY woman who wants to stand more powerfully in her own brilliance.

WomanSpeak Circles create an emotionally, culturally, and psychologically safe space for women to let everything they are and everything they feel, and everything they’ve been holding back come loose!

➵  Stop apologizing for your truth!

➵  Get comfortable with receiving energy in your body in the form of celebration and praise.

➵  Learn techniques for fertile listening, embodiment, and calming your nervous system that will make you the star of any stage, boardroom or dinnertime toast!

This is a place to dance and celebrate, to own whatever you’re feeling and not disregard ANY of it. A space for women to shine and be held by other women. A place to let go of jealousies and unworthiness. And practice being a sovereign being.


The relationships that are built in WomanSpeak circles are sacred bonds meant to last.


We agree to stand for each woman whether or not we agree with what she says, or share what she believes.


We do not criticize. We celebrate and we refine. No one is disparaged in our groups or in our talks.

I’m still in awe that I *get to* do this work! Helping women stand in their truth, get comfortable being seen, and truly, finally be heard. There’s no better way to spend my time. 

As I witness women blossom, as I witness them share the untold stories from the depths of their souls, I get to be a recipient of their gifts, of their wisdom (that they often didn’t even know they had in them!) And I get to watch the ripple effect that takes place when one women begins to heal.

Watch out world, change is coming!

~ Megan (rhymes w/vegan) Arneson

BTW, WomanSpeak is *NOT* for you if:

➵ You’re so poised and confident and embodied when you speak that there’s no room for improvement

➵  You’re not able to show up to at least 90% of the sessions LIVE

➵  You are unwilling to practice getting a little bit uncomfortable for the sake of your own growth and for the safety of the other women in the room

➵ You thrive on negativity, critique and criticism, as opposed to a focus on what you’ve done well that you could do more of! 

Missed the latest round of WomanSpeak Circles, and wanna be informed of what’s coming next?